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art project

December 15, 2014

doll head tree

For me everything and all is an art project and I live within it. Winter’s seasonal layers are especially deeply felt as they are placed about.

deer necklace


old ornaments in box



snow man old house

what you have

November 9, 2014

always trying to follow the old art rule of combining the simplest things in the simplest ways for the biggest impact and doing this with what you already have but in a new way……the tomato cage is a favorite.

in the summer it made a fine bottle ‘tree’ ready and able to trap any roving negative energy out at my little dragon house in the woods. there was one on each side of the door.


bottles on cage

in Oct. it was again inverted with a rusted wastebasket pushed on top and a tin jack o’lantern on that.

tin pumpkin

wanting a bit more on the big night the waste basket was replaced with an inverted bucket pushed down within its legs and a lighted jack head was placed there. scrim was wrapped around it and arms were created by pushing the fabric on the top bit of the ‘legs’. joy!

j lantern t, cage



j lantern t. cage 2


now approaching Dec the cage, still inverted, has its legs tied at the top and is wound with tiny lights.with the days so short the tree comes on early in the afternoon. walking about in my favorite hour of last light we always have a good chat as we are long time friends at this point.


xmas lights t. cage

cage tree night

challenge met -nothing new was purchased and I had never used these items in this way before. the time spent to create was very little – minutes, I think.  and I still had so much fun doing it and loved each one.


November 7, 2014

in love again.  everything so beautiful and perfect.  don’t go.  let me have you just a bit longer

annabell leaves 3

annabell leaves

gourd face


may all flow well

October 31, 2014

dk face wire painting

rolling mill

October 23, 2014

lb rolled feather

my daughter, of ljb jewelry ( etsy shop ), was in the studio recently using the rolling mill. we were all screaming when we saw this beautiful feather come out. Laura had melted down her silver scraps into an ingot and rolled it down to 18 g. in the mill which gives it this oval shape. then she ran it through with the feather.


lb double bangle with spinner

With a previously rolled feather piece she cut it up to make the spinner bead that holds the two bangles together. The floral disc she hand cast from an antique button and is silver also.

see Laura’s tumblr

needles float down

October 18, 2014


PicMonkey Collage fall '14

The pine needles float down so slowly that they feel very companionable as I circle the house with the dog. There are so many beautiful colors textures and patterns now to add to the inspiration list in my mind.  The veil between the worlds seems thin and I often feel I can see the molecules spreading to give me a little peek into the mystery. I am looking at things and thinking things and playing this song over and over and over.

                “Magnet and Steel”

the seduction of the dog days

September 1, 2014

liv dog days

when the dogs lay in around me I can never move. their peaceful energy fills the room and I feel sure nowhere else could feel better than this.


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