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April 1, 2015

bezel stones 2

Long ago when my metal arts teacher, Carol Holaday, brought to school a basket filled with various shaped hollow forms I fell in love for life. I have made many since then usually trying to create a wide variety of shapes. When working with the ‘witch sticks’ the other day and looking for other shaped elements to combine with them I used two bezels I had made for some pebbles but had not set the stones. (Photo above left inverted bezels) As I studied them for their effect in size and form I noticed the fine subtleties of their shape and thought how I would have never created this shape just by hand and bending it with pliers. The shape had been dictated by the stone I had wrapped with the bezel wire. This gave me a new step in creating my hollow forms – choosing pebbles and stones that appealed to me for size and shape and using them to create the shape of my hollow forms. Photo on the right is a group of pebbles I collected that had nice lines and shapes and looked like a very harmonious family. It might be nice to put together a piece with the pebble set in the bezel and its hollow form counterpart with it. Mother nature is always ready with a helping hand.

more friends

March 31, 2015

enam tubes

They are gathering. I carry them around all day. To me they have become “witch’s sticks” and can be heard to whisper divinations. It feels like home to look at them. They are good friends already. And that is really the journey for me when I begin is to find ‘my friends’ and to put back together the ancient female circle again and again.

Four have one coat of Thompson’s lichen. The lightest one has a single coat of Thompson’s Isle Blue. In one coat I do not see blue but I like the paleness.

Now to continue to look for more friends as this world builds and expands.


March 25, 2015

fold bead 3 copy

When starting new work I like to have lots of different shape elements to combine and recombine when I am making the piece. Here is one I started to work out today. Right now I consider this a ‘bead’ to string. It was a rectangular piece of 24 gauge copper.The edges were ground smooth. I did not anneal it. I pounded dents and holes in it with a nail punch and then hammered it into a fold leaving enough room for my stringing chain to pass through easily. The size after hammering in the fold is 2 3/8 ” long x 3/8″ wide. The channel for the chain is a bit irregular so I am thinking the bead will lie on the chain at somewhat of an angle and am hoping this will look okay. Next I enameled the piece. For me, as always, I must see the ancient female circle of witches in my pieces and their constructs. And this piece seems to have burned through from there.

fold bead 1


fold bead 2 copy


path portal 2:'15

” the circle as path and portal” figural mixed media by jane cather

LjBjewelry spring sale

March 17, 2015
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Spring Sale

It has been a very long winter for many but thankfully spring is just around the corner. LjBjewelry is kicking off spring with a great sale! With a minimum purchase of $50.00 you can receive a 20% discount at checkout on any items available in my Etsy shop. Just use coupon code BYEBYESNOW at check-out.

The sale begins March 16 2015 and ends March 29 2015

There are many new pieces. Enjoy and have fun shopping!

thank-you LjBjewelry

a good sign

March 9, 2015





Mr and Mrs T ( over 30 years old) and their two young 3 year olds are up from hibernation. These tortoises live in Vermont with my sister so I am thinking it is a very good sign………..(Note: I have known them all these many many years and I have to say they are extremely personable, friendly and responsive – quite smart and always a good time.)




pixi speaks for us all

March 5, 2015


February 28, 2015

During the snow days I am planning ahead for the mud days. This is Pixi our Border Collie. I trained her on the command feet to get into her foot bath so she will be clean to enter the house when all there is is mud in the yard. It will be filled with nice warm water then as we have installed a hot and cold water spigot on the deck.


February 25, 2015

snow woods

Bound in white. Bound in time and space. Yet each constriction seems to allow a more expanded creative journey. A little web in the upper back hall that hangs just so, just below the north window in the spare room a pink sweater has fallen on an old brown box, next to the table at the top of the stairs the thin light picks out the faint blue and silver of a long forgotten stuffed animal. Inspiration flows from every tiny space – burnt orange and swamp green, black lines on old chalky white, the dog tucked in a perfect oval on the red chair. The elegance of the two toned enameled pie plate is one I wish to duplicate on a copper woman totem. This space grows and expands by the day.  Home travel. The back corners of the old corner cupboard are as compelling as any unknown continent.

When these spaces and objects are intimately experienced something palpable begins to flow out and seep in. While still up at the back end of the hall I am sent elsewhere. Now fully engaged in my own creativity I am completely unbound.

collage home travel

heart in bowl collage

orange beads collage




February 17, 2015

elses dog


“someone else’s dog, someone else’s clothes, someone else’s thoughts – examine your precepts”

This totem was made several years ago as a way to explore this idea that I am now bringing forth as one of my intentions of the year. ( See last post)

Totem by Jane Cather    copper nickel sterling brass enamel beach pebbles fossil – embossing, roll printing from plates etched with my artwork, fold forming, polymer sculpted face by artist, hollow forms, bezel set stones, fold forming – all elements made by artist




February 6, 2015


Don’t miss what the universe has to offer…………………..

witch painting photo

just because it does not look like what you thought it would.

This year instead of resolutions I am setting some intentions. The intentions are created to act as awareness arrows. I will be guided to re-examine any beliefs that may have been silently absorbed by the culture and so bring myself into each present moment clear of any preconceived ideas.  Heartflow, freedom and adventure will fill the days.

watercolor and painting by Jane Cather

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